The Goal Academy has coached over 1,000 players since forming in 2007. The following testimonials have been kindly offered by some of our members both past and present:

“I see a tremendous difference in GA's coaching techniques and syllabus from the rest. They make it real fun for the boys but still keep them focussed on their game. Grooming their attitude on and off the field, building their confidence on the field has made the boys more confident in their daily life too.”
Jeffrey Wong, father of Christian Wong, GOAL Elite U16s
“I'm really proud of my son’s growth and achievement so far. He started out not knowing how to play the sport and now he is so passionate about it that he pushes himself to improve and excel in it. The training at Goal Academy has taught him not just the football skills but also the qualitative skills like how to be a good team player, how to accept both winning and defeat at tournaments and also thinking skills and strategies. Through the years, he has also built strong friendships with his team mates. I believe all this has contributed to his character building. Thank you Goal Academy!”
Sue Lam, mother of Russell Lam, GOAL Elite U11s
“Thanks to GA, my son has learnt the technical aspects and skills of football. Not only that, he also learnt to make friends, be part of a team and develop self-confidence and discipline.”
Ali, father of Nazirul, GOAL Elite U12s
“GA coaching is fantastic, fair & fun!”
Dudley Beaugeard, GOAL Elite U11s
“The Goal Academy Coaching Programme is the most professionally run football coaching programme available in Malaysia that not only provides excellent skills coaching for aspiring footballers, but also encourages self-discipline, dedication & mutual respect between players, coaches and parents.”
Dominic Beaugeard, father of Dudley Beaugeard, GOAL Elite U11s
“GA is where talented kids are having fun while learning great football skills on a daily basis. I see a bright future for GA players and they owe it to themselves, their great coaching team and their parents’ unconditional support. Malaysia or wherever these kids will represent, will have its future football greats or professionals someday. It's exciting!!!”
Marilou Arai, mother of Kenta Arai, GOAL Elite U10s
"Best training I've ever done! Coach Oleg teaches me lots of good techniques." 
Lucas Rajaratnam, GOAL Elite U10s
"Over the past two years, I have watched my son grow with the GOAL Elite Programme. The coaches have taught him what it means to be a team player as well as developing his own personal skills, both on and off the pitch."
Paula Rajaratnam, mother of Lucas Rajaratnam, GOAL Elite U10s

"I always can't wait for practice day, when I can put my learning to the test. It also has given me more confidence but there is always room for improvement! Thank you GA!"
Joshua James Scott, GOAL Skills Seniors

"Having come from the UK system and sampled other academies in Malaysia, I can honestly say that the GA Coaching is the best that my son has ever received. Core skills, attitude, team spirit and fun - one day all football coaching will be like this!"

Prof Sayed Azam-Ali, father of Sami Azam-Ali, GOAL Elite U15s

"It has been a sincere pleasure seeing my son not only develop his football but also social skills at The Goal Academy. The coaches go the extra mile to make sure that Madhav enjoys his sessions, so much so, it's the one routine he never misses out on. Thanks GA!"
Harith Menon, father of Madhav Menon, GOAL Elite U12s

"Both my sons have been attending weekly sessions since 2008! They can't imagine life without GA football training and they are lovin' it!"
Evelyn Ho Andrews, mother of Errol and Elliot Andrews, GOAL Skills Seniors

"My son wanted to play the one sport I knwo nothing about. The Goal Academy provides good training, good fun and keeps the focus on kids first. The parents even teach me the game! GA is a blast!"
Rick Gregory, father of Jeren Gregory, GOAL Elite U15s

"GA has taught my son the technical aspects and skills of football, but over and above that, he has learnt to make friends, function as part of a team and develop self-confidence on and off the pitch. The GA coaches strike a wonderful balance of being friends with the players whilst at the same time instilling discipline and firmness required by these young players."
Murni Zulkifli, mother of Hafizhan, GOAL Elite U12s

"My son, Arnaud, has been attending The Goal Academy since 2009. I am very impressed by teh quality of the management and training team. Arnaud has learnt a lot both in technical and tactical skills. I strongly recommend GA to all!"
Philippe Delcourt, father of Arnaud, GOAL Skills Juniors

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