CRM Automation

Customer Retention CRM
Are you taking your returning customer as granted?

Customer Data Marketing System ~ "Autobot" will help your company retain your existing customer as well as attract new customer. At the same time the system will maintain relationship with regular customer AUTOMATICALLY.
Marketing Automation

Customer Database

Collect your customer data from various marketing channel such as Google, Facebook, Website and your Retail Outlet.

Targeted Marketing System

Customer Database

Understanding customer buying attitude and behavior and trigger them useful information.

Rights Target Marketing

Right Customer

Promote your product and broadcast advertisement with SPECIFIC customer segment.

Customer Loyalty System

Loyalty Customer

Jack Ma said: "Pay attention to your existing customers."


The Autobot CRM Automation is suitable for:

  • Cafe ~ You need repeat customer to sustain your business.
  • Restaurant Outlet ~ You need to know who is your existing customer in order to expand your business.
  • Retails Outlet ~ You need to know who is going to read/receive your promotion.
  • Event Company ~ You really need this as a add-on service to serve your customer better.
Automation CRM Marketing System

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