Mobile Apps Development
We offer a unique expertise in Mobile Application Development
for various platforms including iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone

MSC mobile development services:

We focus on application development with modern technologies, to meet customer's requirements and to create mobile applications for business needs. MSC mobile developers offer the following services and technologies:

  • Custom mobile applications development
  • Embedded mobile applications building
  • Porting of mobile application to other platforms (Platform Migration)
  • Creating websites for mobile devices
  • Mobile applications in .Net and Java
  • Mobile payment services
  • SMS applications development etc

Technologies / Platforms:
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Google Glass

IOS Android Platform

Advantages of our mobile development services:

Mobile developers of MSC have experience which varies from small mobile projects to large and long-time solutions design and development. Using last technologies for successful software development, we provide special benefits to our clients:

  • Up-to-date mobile equipment for design, development, testing and support of mobile software projects
  • Wide experience in large and small mobile software projects development and implementation
  • Effective-cost development and time reducing outsourcing
  • Complex solving of current client's tasks

Mobile Application

Mobile Apps That We Have Come Across !



Professional, non-professional are welcome to post and seek job at JobFisher designed for Malaysian Job Seeker. JobFisher helps middle to lower range people to get a good job and enlighten their future. Job seekers would then be able to search for jobs and position they are looking for - Employers are able to post and advertisement of the job requirement they need. The JobFisher initiative primarily targets a middle to lower income segment of the industry. To provide a better job opportunities to Malaysian Job Seekers.




SeekerPages is the brand new directory apps in Malaysia.




marketfOrus was created with the primary reason to help you locate a business of your interest. Example, you are travelling to a country and would like to search for all the restaurants within walking distance of say 1 km from the hotel you are going to stay. marketfOrus will help you to locate all the restaurants that have registered with us within the 1 km radius.



BDB Kedah

An application from Darulaman Realty Sdn Bhd (DRSB) to show the development of new township. Darulaman Realty Sdn Bhd (DRSB) incorporated over 30 years ago to undertake the development of new township in the District of Kubang Pasu in Kedah. Bandar Darulaman is one of the most established townships in Kubang Pasu.




Notion sets a new bar for note taking utilities, featuring an all modern minimalistic interface that combines the ease of jotting down your thoughts with the ability to understand the contents of your notes.

Pillow - Smarter Reminder

Pillow - Smart Reminder

Pillow is a Pill Reminder that takes away your worries on when to take your medication. In just two steps, Pillow is ready to be your friend that never forgets about your medicine schedule. It is as if, Pillow is the only pillow you need to help you get a good night sleep.