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Groupon System

The First & Best Group Buying Software.

1000+ Happy Customers, 120+ Professionals As Your Team, 240+ Languages Supported, 40+ Currencies Supported, 25+ Payment Gateways Supported, 4000+ Magento Extensions Supported, 100+ Servers Supported, 10+ Mail Applications Supported. 

Local commerce has created a new revolution.The development of this product is to save cost, time and effort for the customers who wants to start their own. Our products has all the features to setup deals business and succeed in the same and also to super seed the competition. Our products has all the features to setup a daily deals business and succeed in the same and also to super seed the competition.

Online Dating System

Start your own dating business with our solutions for under $1,000!  Mobile-friendly Site and Dating Apps.

Essential Features: Mobile dating apps, Matchmaking, Advanced search, Profile cover gallery, Private messaging, Google Maps/location, SEO support, SPAM protection, Advertisement, Virtual gifts, Payment providers, Facebook Connect, Content Moderation, etc…

Additional Features: Memberships, Hot Lists, Messages, Photo albums, Finance, Moderation, Mass Mailing, Custom Pages, Guest Book, Profile Builder, User Points, Blocklist, etc…

Third-party Features: Newsfeed, Events, Blogs, Forum, Games, Polls, Video Chat, Social Media, Music, Video, Smilies, Shoutbox, Affiliates, Payment Providers, SMS Billing, and much more…

Sample of work:,

Apartment Management System

This is a system that we designed to computerised management work.
Apartment management system system allow the committee mange the house units, complains, maintenance fee, insurance payment record.

The account in-charge person will just need to do one-clicking to summaries the total amount received and debts.
You can also use this system to print the invoice, receipt, statement as well as many useful reports.

File Secure Transfer

Manage your documents & files securely in the cloud and never worry to lose it again.

  • Auto tracking of user actions like upload, download, file viewed date time and etc.
  • Files uploaded will be encrypted and only can be decrypt by the system itself.
  • User access level control with file approval features before publishing.
  • Share the file with your customers and email notifications will be sent automatically.
Corporate Intranet (HR Module)

Intranet and extranet systems that aid in the management of your processes and workflows. The Intranet solutions are customizable to suit clients exact Management needs.

The advantages of Intranet will help you save your paper work, business level approval management and user rights control to the company documents.

Property Management System

Property Management System for property agent to help manage and retrieve your property information quick and easy.

  • Complete front-end & back-end
  • Property photos
  • Loan and rental calculator
  • Reporting
  • and More functionality...
Warehousing System

Internet creates a no boundary business environment yet many business owner are worrying about,

  • Time/Days for goods to delivery to International buyer?
  • Time/Days to perform and complete the goods replacement?

Do you know? Failed to do the business not because the problem of your sales force. But customer is looking for "quick-n-convenient" when they place order and how fast they can get the goods delivered.

Online Billing System

A online billing system will help you maintain a healthy financial status and it is also useful for quarterly business review. It help you in:

  • Manage your goods and prices.
  • Manage your customers database (keep private or share to your salesman) 
  • Generate quotation & invoice (one-click action).
  • Autobot helps you take care your financial status.

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Time Attendance System

It's a combination of thumb-print, touch-card and password attendance system.

Time Attendance System allows you to manage your employees list, departments and working hours as well as the report for total working hour, late-in, early-out.

Multilevel Marketing (MLM) System

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a marketing strategy in which the sales force is compensated not only for sales they personally generate, but also for the sales of the other salespeople that they recruit. This recruited sales force is referred to as the participant's "downline", and can provide multiple levels of compensation.
We have experience to turn your traditional marketing strategy to modern marketing strategy.

Credit Reloaded System

Your business has a monthly fix cost. But your business are in high risk if 50% of your buyer delay your payment.
30% of buyers always request a long payment term.

80% of buyers will not made the payment until you make a second call.
In credit reloaded system, you are requesting your buyer to pay you in advance before process the order.

Hotel Management System

Real time hotel management system save you from paperwork?  

  • Customer management
  • Hotel structure management (floor, room)
  • Room rate management (including weekend rate settings) 
  • Public holiday setting
  • Reporting
  • and More functionality...
Membership Management System

Suitable to an organization with more than 500 members.

  • Manage your member profile in a user-friendly interface is much more easier than Excel work.
  • Send update/news to your members in few clicks.
Transportation Management System

Help you in your transportation planning and keep track of your transportation with ease.

  • Manage all your transportation in an user-friendly system.
  • Easily keep track of the transportation date from starting until completed.
  • Auto calculate the sum of the goods cubic meters(m3) once you key-in into the system.
  • Your customers will be able to track their goods status through the system that dedicated for them.