About Us

Our company, Maple Software Creation (MSC) was founded in 2007. With innovative ideas, our software developers are commit to bring along the power of the software technology to everyone all over the world.
Specializes in creating a customized and easy-to-use software application, our method is always consistent with high-quality outcome, budget friendly and always punctual no matter what the project is. 

To fulfill the clients’ needs, we always know best in tailoring the processes. Our experience and resources will always can face the challenge even though your project involves new features and differences. With our specialities, our clients always appreciate the software solution we created for them.
Penang Software Company

Working with the best and the most talented talents from different sectors such as computing programmer, website designer, UI designer, software and cyber security consultant that provides a very high-quality and also unique software solution, this make our company can give our clients the satisfaction they ever want.
Our software developers are also have lots of experiences in guiding our clients throughout the process of getting on the user experience. For every project, we also provide the guideline and educations for our clients. Also known as Penang Software Company, we continually develop new software features and tools that will support your business needs.

Software Client Satisfaction Total Dedication To Clients Satisfaction 
We are always ready all the time for the emergency problems, all day to give supports to our clients with our 24/7 world-class service. We pride ourselves with the offer of the best ant the most reliable supports in our industry.

Always Be There With Our Clients 
The innovative ideas and software architectures can also be fix to meet the client needs and keep pace with the business changes since the business environment is changing fromtime to time. We are always committed to maintain your software to fit your requirements by updating or upgrading it.

With changing technology and rapid growth of information industry, downstream products shall create demands in response to the current trend. More and more Software Industry shall promote the growth of information relevant related industry. The company shall also grow and develop a steady pace and gain a solid footing in the global information techonology industry.

In order to compete in information industry, our management highly keeps the following S.O.F.T.W.A.R.E. concepts as below:

  • Superior in Research and Development, including all kinds of Internet Techonology.
  • Observe intelligently; expand effectively.
  • Full support and bringing business solutions and technology.
  • Total Dedication To Clients' Satisfaction.
  • We are the best among the best in Internet Industry.
  • Assist in customer decision making in terms of business process and create more profit margin as well as increase competitiveness.
  • Re-structure your traditional business model into modern software technology.
  • Employ outstanding and dedicated expert.